peter peggy rigoPeter Rigo is the Pastor of One Community Church in Hamilton, Ontario. A Hamilton native, Rigo grew up in a Christian home, playing sports, excelling at music, and studying the scripture. After high school, he attended Zion Bible School in Providence, Rhode Island before returning to Ontario to found the church with his wife Peggy in 2000.

Despite its humble beginnings, One Community eventually moved out of its space in an abandoned bingo hall and set up shop in the old Hamilton Gas and Light Company building downtown–later, the church would add a second building in downtown Toronto.

The church has continued to expand as wave after wave of believers find the organization, searching for salvation and and a close-knit community. Peter and Peggy Rigo are impressed and inspired every day by the number of individuals in the Hamilton area who long to be Baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. Many current members found the church through its signature ministry podcast program on Vimeo. These podcasts emphasize the importance of love, family, faith, forgiveness, prayer, hope, and generosity.

These days, the church’s staff consists largely of those first devoted believers, including Peter and Peggy’s daughters Rachel and Ashley, and their loving husbands Matthew and Jesse, respectively.

From the beginning, One Community Church has been devoted to revealing and rejoicing in God’s love, affection, and acceptance of humanity. Peter Rigo always envisioned the church as a place where individuals can find their purpose through God and become beacons of progress and change in their neighborhoods and communities. Above all else, One Community is a place anyone and everyone can call home.